Vintage Valentine Printable


If you are anything like me you are just now getting Valentines ready…for TOMORROW.  When I was a kid in the ’80’s my mom would take us kids to the grocery store and let us pick our favorite character pre-made valentines. We’d fill each card out with the names of our classmates and stick it in the provided envelope with a few chalky conversation hearts and call it good.

There is no shame in that method. I personally invest a bit more time and attention to valentines- not because my kids care (they don’t)- but because I LIKE being creative. I like making pretty things for the masses and valentines day is an acceptable way for me to do that.

I’ve included a printable version of this valentine for you to use, if you too like being creative. If your kids attend a school that doesn’t allow candy- you could easily attach small bags of goldfish crackers or even fish stickers to the cards.  We just stapled .5oz bags of swedish fish to the back of these cards and called it a day!

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