Turning Four

My little baby turned four on Saturday.  She told me she was a big girl. I told her she will always be my baby- even when she is a grown up.


We bought her a bike- and with some of her birthday money, a helmet.  She was eager to ride it, hence the pajamas and bare feet.


I also figured it was time she had her own place mat.  I stitched and stitched to get this done in time for her family party Sunday night. Even though she doesn’t know a lick of French, she still likes it- and so do I.

While searching pinterest for some party ideas I ran across this tip to revamp a dollar store number candle. When we were buying balloons and streamers at Target my baby asked for party hats.  I went ahead and bought the plain (no character) hats and it dawned on me that I could “re-vamp” the hat.

Party Hats heatherhalesdesigns

All you need is a hat, glue, glitter and sequins (or beads).  I printed a large number four in MSWord, cut it out and traced it onto the hat in thin sharpie.  I outlined the number in glue and sprinkled silver glitter.  Then I filled the number in with more glue and multi-colored glitter.  Topped it all off by gluing random sequins on top of the glitter.  She loved it and I was tickled with how simple and cute it was.

DSC_4609 copy

birthday surprise
I told her to look at the camera and this is what she gave me.  We all about died laughing.  I can’t even begin to caption it.

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