The Hales go to Texas

For the long weekend we took the WHOLE family to Texas to visit my mom.


We’ve only ever flown as a whole family once before, because do you have any idea what air fare costs for a family of five these days?!! Let’s just say we could have bought a  lot of tickets to Disneyland.

rainbow loom on the plane

We had a great time but I only have a few pictures to prove it.   I’ve decided it is really hard to live IN the moment and still have the eye of a photographer to CAPTURE the moment.  While I wish we had more pictures I do not regret living in the moment and enjoying our visit.



The Houston Museum of Natural Science was amazing!  We spent nearly 4 hours going through so many exhibits- the kids were such troopers.  We ran out of energy before we could see the Faberge exhibit, but the Egyptian exhibit was so cool, one of the museum employees gave us a personal tour and a lot of extra details about the mummies.




We went to Galveston and stayed at the Moody Gardens resort. The kids loved the heated pools, my mom and I just sat pool side freezing (doesn’t my mom look beautiful in that picture? I can’t wait to grow old and look like her).  We all had a great time at the resort and the beach, but the time of year to go is really in the summer.  The water park would have been so much fun, and the pyramids were closed for the time we were there.


It was great to visit with my mom and hear stories as we went through family photos.  We were looking for “frame worthy” photos of me as a young child….apparently if you put me in front of a camera before my 5th birthday all I knew how to do was scrunch up my face and bare my teeth.  While I am confident I was an adorable child, photogenic, I was not.

Thanks for the great memories Texas, you were so much more green than the desert and your trees dwarf our cacti!

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  1. karin says:

    Fun trip! And I think the childhood photo of you is ADORABLE! You were/are photogenic.

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