Summer Lessons

Once again summer is winding to a close, equal parts of me are baffled that summer passed in the blink of an eye and Oh my gosh I can’t wait for school to start next week! I just want to be able to type a five sentence email without being interrupted twelve times about inane things. I want to complete thoughts, sentences, text messages, meals without having to answer questions or play referee.  I want to clean up the kitchen and have it stay clean for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Its the little things.

I’m not looking forward to my new 5:15am wake up call, so I can get to the gym before the rush to get the kids out the door. I decided to really make an effort this summer, I’ve been goaling for the gym 5 times a week. I hate it, but I keep doing it. I don’t care what those healthy people tell you- I don’t have more energy, in fact I usually want a nap at 10am! The only side effect of all the exercising is a decreased appetite for sweets- which I guess is a good thing…but shouldn’t all this exercise mean I can eat more junk and not gain weight?!

In other news we drove over 2,000 miles this summer and replaced a transmission (ouch!), swam in salt water and floated in snow melt. We climbed mountains, drove over mountains, ate fresh raspberry shakes, hiked through wildflowers, sat in LA traffic and enjoyed hotel swimming pools. I vacillate between feeling frustrated that we can’t financially take trips that involve air travel and passports (thank you social media) and feeling like we are the luckiest family ever to be able to see so much of America with our children in tow.

I was reflecting yesterday on our time in Wyoming and trying to pinpoint why I enjoy being there so much. For sure it has to do with the lack of cell service at my in-laws, no phone calls and no texts make it really easy to forget the real world that exists outside the bubble of Star Valley, WY. It also has A LOT to do with the patience and acceptance of my in laws. I have never felt unwelcome in their home,their home is both relaxing/comfortable and always in a state that could be photographed for a BHG spread. My MIL’s picture should be in Websters next to the word Homemaker, she sets the gold standard. My in laws have never once lost their patience or their cool with any of our kids and their shenanigans. My mother in law never seems bothered by the messes our presence create in her home. I’ve observed and marveled at this many times. I can only assume its because she knows its only temporary, and maybe she likes us enough that our messes are worth it to spend time with us?

 I get frustrated with my children/husband when I have taken the time to clean something and they carelessly mess it up. I mopped my floors last night and I am sure I’m going to snap at the first person to walk with pool wet feet across it. It frustrates me because I know I’m going to have to clean it again….sometimes I feel like Sisyphus and that rock. When I complain about that to Aaron he always says something irritating like “think how the place would look if we never cleaned”.  I’d like to develop my MIL’s patience, because really, having messy children in my home is temporary. In twenty years it will just be Aaron and I, and my floors will stay clean for days. I’ll probably be begging my kids to come visit and I won’t mind their messes because it means they are home.

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