Stupid Dust Storm

The only good thing about the Monsoon are the rain.  Unfortunately nine times out of ten all we get is a lot of lightening, wind and dust.  A pool owners nightmare.  In the 106 degree heat of the morning (yes, I said morning) I spent two hours of hard labor cleaning up the ^&*#$! mess.



Thing is, that upper left corner still looks awful- thanks to leaves that have decomposed themselves into the rocks.  I swear yard work is futile.  If we just had a pool deck and grass I would be a happy woman.  No more raking leaves/pine needles while trying not to remove the rocks that are supposed to stay and “look nice”.  Grass=Lawn Mower=child labor while I sip lemonade and offer words of encouragement.



Those darn evergreen bush-y things- I have sap and scrapes all over my arms from pruning them and I am the luckiest woman alive that I was not stung by the half million wasps that take up residence there.  I’m on the fence about that weird green runner plant that grows between the bushes right over the rocks.  It is similar to the Ice Plant, but the flowers are smaller and white. Should I rip it up or keep it?  I can only imagine the bugs it is harboring.

Two large yard bags and one wheel barrow full of dirt and organic debris later I’m heading to a sparkling public pool with a milkshake.  And so help me if we get another storm tonight it had better bring rain or ELSE!

3 Responses to “Stupid Dust Storm”

  1. Karin says:

    I know the feeling. We just spent many hours working on yard work and it isn’t even done yet. Thankfully it was a nice day but I’m not looking forward to “finishing up” the yard work in the next few days in preparation for many house guests. The inside needs some serious attention, especially since some boys were basically left to manage themselves. Well, except when I bribed them to help with the yard work 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Yesterday clear blue beautiful pool. Today…looks like green pond scum. AARGH! Boo dry windy monsoon. BOO!

  3. Jaylee Draney says:

    If it’s a mess tomorrow, we can come over to my house. For some reason, my pool isn’t affected by wind storms. Crystal blue baby!

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