Stick Family


This is the perfect summer craft as its a great way to re-use those popsicle sticks!

All you need is:

-sticks (big and small) – i soaked mine in soapy water for 5 min to get all the sticky popsicle off.

-scrap fabric

-pipe cleaners


-school glue



-sequins, buttons or other embellishments

-patience (cause its about to get MESSY)

The Fun Aunt

For the ladies, we just cut rough triangles as dresses.  The pipe cleaners are cut in half and wrapped around the body for arms.  Yarn for hair and markers for the face.

Crazy Aunt Agnes

With those sequin eyes I decided this had to be “crazy aunt Agnes”, and cousin Ruby.  Cracks me up to look at them, my daughters creativity know no bounds!

Be warned, this is a messy project….best done on the patio, unless you live in Arizona and its a hundred million degrees outside!


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  1. Chris says:

    Adorable, Heather! I will have to try this after the move.

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