I just bought myself a new shirt, I never buy anything for myself.  This design was so cute, I didn’t even ponder over the purchase I just impulsively clicked “buy now”!  Will take pictures when it arrives.

organic yellow apple tree shirt

Be sure to check out the whole boygirlparty shop, lots of other great shirts (this one is also offered in red).

4 Responses to “Splurge”

  1. Karin says:

    I love that shirt but I want it in green or blue or even brown. But I am not buying anything for myself for a few more months.

  2. Jill - GlossyVeneer says:

    That is cute. For some reason, I immediately gravitated to the octopus items in the boygirlparty store! Super cute stuff!

  3. EllieRichellie says:

    Love the yellow . . . and that you have a category called “swooning over”!

  4. Rebekah says:

    Nice shirt I would not have hesitated either and I rarely buy things for myself. Like my new knitting purse the first time in forever I have not felt bad spending money on myself.

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