Simplicity 1598

I love vintage sewing patterns. I not only collect them, but I use them.  I buy them online, at Goodwill (they are getting harder and harder to come buy), but I find most of my patterns at Merchant Square.

vintage Simplicity 1598

After finishing my older daughters Easter dress, I decided to make a play outfit for the youngest- before starting her Easter dress (I’m still shopping for the right pattern).

This one really is easy to sew- I finished it in an afternoon.  I love how practical the pattern is- you use the seam allowance at the waist to make the casing for the elastic.  It is a simple pattern to alter as well (I had to lengthen it into a size 4).

photo 5

Rompers seem to be the new thing for girls (and women?!!!) these days- and I love that once you take the skirt off you’ve got a fun romper to play in.  The only downside is that she needs help to go to the bathroom.  The bias ties at the shoulders have to be undone…maybe if I sewed them into bows she could slide them off her shoulders without help?

photo 2

It is so cute on her- and she loves wearing it…and hearing her call it her “romper” is just the best!  Do you sew with vintage patterns?  For you or your kids?  I’ve only been successful with vintage patterns on the kids, each time I make a dress for me it just doesn’t work out right.

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  1. Janalee says:

    That is really cute. I used some old 70’s patterns to sew little crossback outfits – it’s one piece of fabric that somehow crosses in back and that’s the top. And a little bloomer for the bottom. Little Talia wore those as a one-year-old.

    Then I found, from my mom, an old 50’s pattern and made little dana and abbey dresses from them, they were so cute! With the little dainty flower fabric I found. Those were the days.

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