Sequin-eared Rabbit Applique

Every few months I receive children’s clothing catalogs in the mail.  I love looking at the styles and individual pieces, I get inspired about different designs and styles i can MAKE for my own children.  Lately I’ve noticed that sequins are IN, it seems every retailer is selling clothing for girls with sequin embellishments.  I have two daughters, both of whom adore anything glittery and sparkly.  This week I made a copy-cat from one of my favorite children’s retailers.  My daughters LOVE the shirts!

My sister-in-law took the littlest one out for a play date and told me that a few people stopped her and asked about the shirt and how cute it was.  Best compliment EVER for a home sewist (to have your work noticed and praised)!

It was super easy to make, so I put together this tutorial for YOU!

corduroy scrap
cotton scrap
small sized puff
sewing machine
steam-a-seam (or wonder-under)
embroidery floss

I have decided that I LOVE corduroy for applique, it holds its shape and washes up so soft!  Here is the pattern for the rabbit and his contrasting fur.  Adhere your rabbit and his fur according to the manufacture directions for your adhesive.

Step 2:

Stitch all the way around your rabbit and his contrasting fur with a small (I used a size 3) zig zag stitch.  For tutorial purposes I sewed the sequins on first because my daughter was napping and I didn’t want to wake her.  It’s much smarter to top stitch first- then sequins!

Step 3:

Stitch sequins on ears.  I used a pencil to draw some lines to give me an idea of how much of the space I wanted to fill up.

You’re going to sew these on in a back stitch fashion. In step one you are going to come up from underneath your fabric and place a sequin on your needle. Step two you bring the needle down very close to where you came up.  Step three, bring the needle up again about an 1/8inch from your last stitch and place the second sequin on the needle.  Step four, bring your needle down in the center of the first sequin, bringing the needle back up again just past the second sequin.

Step Four:
Use your embroidery floss to stitch an eye and whiskers.  Eyeball it and decide where your whiskers/eye should go.  I used a french knot for the eye and a back stitch for the whiskers.

Step Five:
Stitch your cotton tail on!  I used multiple stitches (up and down and x’s) to make sure it would stay attached.  I am happy to say it has been through the wash and it still affixed!

Ta da!  You’re done!  Send me a picture if you make one, I’d love to see it!  My oldest wants me to do a cat with a sequined collar next!  You could really play with this and do any animal.

For the Under 2 set, you can stitch this up without the sequins like I did here.

I’m not sure if I’m going to put this one in the shop or not….it is sized 12months, anyone interested?

2 Responses to “Sequin-eared Rabbit Applique”

  1. Ann says:

    That is so cute! Good job Heather!

  2. kathy says:

    These are ADORABLE!!! Does the onsie come in ladies sizes too?? Soooo, is the little one in a cage in that pic – LOL! Looks like a bunny cage to me…hmmm

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