Red Letter Day

We were all awakened a little after 6am today when my son announced that he lost his first tooth!  He has been pretty excited about this and is now anxiously looking forward to the tooth fairy’s visit tonight.

Also noteworthy in my book, the husband is installing a door to my craft room!!  We’ve slowly been updating our house with panel doors and new trim/casings.  I’ve been doorless for about a month and it is really hard to keep the kids out of there!  There is a price to this though, my entire house-carpet, wood and tile are COVERED in dry wall dust.  Me and my mop will be busy tonight (after I get back from meeting ms. jen).

oooo-look what I found while thrifing today!

Owls in a Tree

Yellow Pyrex

The best part is I am not keeping them for myself.  I’ve added the Pyrex, Glasses and a fab new blanket to the shop.  Hope your Tuesday is going well too!  Don’t forget to enter the contest if you haven’t already- I bought the vintage sheet today that I will use for the skirt!

2 Responses to “Red Letter Day”

  1. Christina says:

    My stepson (6) lost his first tooth yesterday, too. So exciting for them.

  2. EMama says:

    Cousin Liz would love the glasses. How far away is Christmas??

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