Quilting for the Boys

quilt by heatherhalesdesigns.com

If you have been following a long you know I have made both of my daughters small throw quilts (older daughters here, youngest here).  My son has recently been asking if I am going to make one for him too.  I started pinning and planning for some grand design that would suit his spatial and linear strengths.  Then he asked again a few months later if I was ever going to make a quilt for him.  I decided to just go for it.  I pulled out all of my green, yellow, brown, red and blue scraps and started cutting 4.5″ squares.

quilt by heatherhalesdesigns.com

I have always loved a scrappy quilt, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a polished well planned, color coordinated quilt too.  But a scrappy quilt just begs to be used and loved, while a nicer quilt is meant more for looking at.  I was inspired by this great quilt at Film In The Fridge.  I loved the bold colors and cross hatched quilting.

quilt by heatherhalesdesigns.com

I added a  bit of sashing on my quilt to keep it from being too square, and I backed it in a soft brown flannel.  It looks great on the end of his bed and is perfect for family movie night on the couch (something we try and do every friday- have any good non-animated family movies to recommend?)  I’m really pleased with how well the quilt turned out (and best of all, so is my son!).

When I posted shots of the quilt in progress on facebook I kept getting comments asking how I found the time to sew.  I’m not going to create any grand illusions here, my 3yo became quite adept at watching My Little Pony on the Kindle and my laundry situation is just embarrassing.  This week I’ll be playing catch-up to the floors, bathrooms and laundry!


3 Responses to “Quilting for the Boys”

  1. karin says:

    Oh I love it! And I think an occasional hiatus from the real world is okay, especially since you were sewing for your son 🙂
    All of those household chores need my attention this week too. Even though I didn’t sew a fabulous quilt last week…the weekend does it every time.

  2. Chris says:

    Sometimes we need to let other things go so we can do more important things like quilt!

  3. Keriann says:

    It’s awesome!! Chores can wait…that’s why paper plates where invented!

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