Projects in Review

I’ve been quite busy lately working on different projects- mostly for pleasure.  It feels really good to have created; added beauty to my space.

Inspired by Amy’s amazing work.  There is a funny story that goes with this project which I will share as soon as it is complete.

Company was coming….it had been over a year since we repainted the living, it was getting embarrassing that we hadn’t updated the pillows to match the new color scheme.  The fabric is from JoAnn’s and I made my own piping.  The pillows went together really fast, an hour each and that includes piping time and zipper time.

This is for a brand new project, coming to an online store very very soon!

Baby got a new dress via vintage Simplicity 4878. It looks adorable on- trust me.

Then there were creations of the culinary kind.  I printed out my daughters name on paper, used a exacto knife to cut it out, laid it over the cake and went crazy with the sprinkles.  It worked, kinda.

I wanted to try that  Jello Frosting recipe that is all over pinterest.  Worked well (super easy), the kids liked it and it tasted similar to 7min frosting.

My goal this week is to find a winter coat for my trip up North, where the snow doesn’t melt until June. Having lived in the desert for 10+ years, my supply of winter clothes is dismal!

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