Not For Fun

DIY home remodeling is not fun. People don’t do their own remodeling because its a great kick in the pants (well, maybe it is, but more figuratively), they do it because there are desperate to save a buck or two.


I feel like I have shleped all over the east valley looking for high quality carpet at a discount price (pucketts) but to really get the best deal you hire a separate guy to install it. It seems like everyone has a guy who does ___________ (fill in the blank). So we bought the carpet and hired “the guy”.

Next up is painting and priming (but not in that order) the newly textured walls, and deciding if we are the kind of people who paint ceilings (I don’t think we are).

Its been a busy week with house projects, and oh ya, I’M STILL RAISING THREE HUMANS. Time management and planning ahead is the ONLY way to get through this. Last week I sat down and meal planned crock pot or simple recipes for the week. Every morning I’ve only had to check the list and drop something in the crock pot to guarantee we can still eat a hot meal as a family.  Today I left the *new* house at 5:30, had dinner on the table by 5:45 and was out the door again by 6:10 to attend a church meeting.

I got home about 9pm and collapsed on the bedroom floor.  I can only be on-the-ball so much before I break.  My 6yo (who should have been in bed a half an hour ago) walked in and asked if I’d give her a hug and a kiss before bed, people, I just could not be a responsible adult person anymore, I told her “no, I just can’t.” She happily turned to her father and asked him if he could. Single Parents out there- you all are AWESOME-EST, because you just keep on being that responsible adult, cause there is no one to get your back.

I’m exhausted. But so so glad to be exhausted over this, it was a hard three years for us as renters (emotionally, we have the BEST landlords) and we are extremely grateful to be home owners again.



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  1. Kathy says:

    Glad you are able to tear up some flooring, peel the walls and make the house your own!! Lots of work but it will be your masterpiece when you finish. Good luck with paint colors – always a challenge but you can always repaint in a few yesr — it’s YOUR house – YAY!!

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