Making Your Own Skirt


By popular demand here is how to make your own skirt using vintage sheets (or pillow cases if your girl is little enough).

Here is What You’ll Need:
1 vintage sheet/pillow case
1.5-2yards of coordinating pom pom trim
1/2″ or 3/4″ wide braided elastic
safety pin
measuring tape
everything is sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance

First- go get your tape measure, you’ll need a waist measurement and a length measurement (how long you want the skirt to be).

You’ll need to wash, iron (enjoy the smell of 30 years of different fabric softeners) and square up your sheet.  Then cut 2 rectangles, each rectangle should be Waist Measurement Wide by (Length Measurement)+ 2inches long.  So, if your waist measurement was 20 inches and your length measurement was 15 inches then you would need 2 rectangles each one being 20inches wide by 17inches long.

laid out and ready to go

With right sides together sew the side seams up, don’t forget to finsh them (serge or zig zag).  Iron the seams flat.


To create your waist casing fold over a 1/4″ and press at the top of the skirt.  Fold over again a whole inch and press (see below).


Your going to stitch you casing closed- stitching as close to the bottom edge as possible.  I always like to leave my opening in the center back, so when I close it I can stitch the tag in at the same time.

sew casing

When inserting the elastic I like to use a safety pin, I find it easier to guide the elastic around, I pin the tail end with a straight pin at the opening.  After you’ve threaded the elastic be sure to stitch it securely closed, I always sew over the elastic a few times, be sure to close the casing when you are done.


With right side up pin pom trim 1/2″ from the edge of skirt- the poms should be facing the waist band.  I used a zipper foot for this part, you want to stitch as close as you can to the pom edge of the trim (see pic).


When you get the pom trim sewn on, your skirt should look like this.

before hem

Next your going to flip the skirt inside out and iron the poms back, as close as you can to your seam.

iron hem 1
(i should have clipped my threads before taking this pic)

Your going to create a  hem  here by ironing the raw edge over into the trim, like this:

iron hem 2

See how the bottom edge of the pic has the hem folded into the trim edge?  Once you’ve pressed it all under your going to stitch as close to the top of the pom trim as possible.


Now, be sure to send me pics of your cute daughters, neighbors, nieces etc wearing the skirt!

9 Responses to “Making Your Own Skirt”

  1. Karin says:

    I think I could make this, too bad I have boys and I need to have my sewing machine fixed.

  2. Jill - GlossyVeneer says:

    What a cute idea. My grandmother has tons of old sheets that I’ve always thought looked dreadful on a bed, but now that I think of them they’d be great skirts!

  3. raygon says:

    seriously…its that easy!?! i actually went out and bought an old sheet over the weekend, hoping youd post how to make this. i am going to whip one up! thanks for sharing.

  4. Marcia says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  5. amandajean says:

    how cute is that??!?! I love the pom pom edge.

  6. My 1st Bambina ! says:

    Thanks sooo much for this tutorial and for “coaching” me through.
    Made one skirt so far for my little girl. Very simple since I didn’t added
    embellishments but well made. DD actually likes it and wears it to go out !

  7. Jules says:

    I love this skirt – I just saw some of this trim at the store and was thinking “what can I do with this???”

    Thanks for the directions!

  8. Jules says:

    okay, I made one!

  9. val says:

    what great use of vintage sheets… cute.

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