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Sarah sent me the link to this great interview of Design Mom, I admit I have seen her site a few times but wasn’t a regular reader (um, I am now), but I just LOVE what she said:

” I have a memory of pre-blog days, when I had three kids. We were walking to the library, I had on a cute dress, my kids looked clean and cute, and everyone was in a good mood. I remember a friend driving up and very sweetly saying, “You make motherhood look good, you make it look so fun.” I know motherhood isn’t always fun, believe me! But that was such a compliment. I hope I make motherhood look good.

Through my blog, I am not going to pretend that motherhood is always blissful, but I am going to try and show the joy in it and a way to find beauty in it, even when it is challenging. Yes, it is frustrating to make Halloween costumes, but let’s make it fun. I think it is about finding what is interesting to you, and making that work in your motherhood. For me it is art and design but for someone else it might be literature or science.

As a parent, I find it helpful when people model things that I do not know how to do well. I appreciate seeing what’s working for others so I can have a template and try that in my own life.  For example, I’m always on the lookout for models of how to speak gently to your children. I need help with that! Likewise, I hope I am modeling for other people where I have strengths. I can model how to love your husband and how to speak kindly to him.  I know how to do that and I am good at that.  I can model how to do a fun activity with your kid because I know how to do that.

I only wish I had said it myself!  I’m the first to admit that in the first 4 years or so of being a mother it seems that all I could see was the hard parts.  I seemed to dwell on the work that was involved and all of the self sacrificing.  Those things are still there…but I’m choosing to focus on the fun of motherhood and life with a young, crazy, busy family.  At first it was a conscious choice to focus on the good, I had to search for it, to point it out to myself.  Now, I see the good without thinking about it.  I figure- this is it, we get one shot at life.  I don’t want to spend my days squandering it by bemoaning about how I wish my life was different.  This is it, this is my life and my family and I’m going to do everything I can to enjoy it- because one day the kids will be gone, and heaven forbid even my husband.  I want to hold these memories with me…always.

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* on a side note, the bib pictures- have nothing to do with this post- I just finished it and wanted to share its cuteness…I’m taking it with me to crafeteria!

5 Responses to “Making it Look Good”

  1. Chris says:

    Amen, and the bib is darling.

  2. Sarah-the-SIL says:

    So glad you liked her interview … I immediately thought of you when I read it, and knew I had to send it to you. : )

    The bib could not be cuter, by the way!

  3. raygon says:

    Beautiful! That is so well said. This kind of stuff is always good to hear.

    PS-I went to a local craft fair up here on Saturday and I took the Alice purse with me. I GOT SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON IT!! Just wanted to remind of you how great it is and how talented you are to have created it!

  4. tasha says:

    darling little bib heather!

  5. tasha says:

    i love the interview and what you said too! thanks for the reminder. 😉

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