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This weekend Amy of Nana Company posted pics on flickr of some really cute mailing labels that she had made in MS Word.  I loved them and decided it was time I had some cute labels too.  I fiddled and fiddled with Word and could not make anything near as cute as Amy did, so I gave up and opened Photoshop and created this:

Mailing Labels

I think they turned out pretty cute, and if I have time this week I’d like to create more.  In the meantime though, I thought I would share a tutorial on how I made these.  Think of the cute labels you can make to go our with your holiday cards?!

I have Photoshop CS and here is what I did:

Open a new project in Photoshop, I set mine for 4″x2″ (because that is the size of Avery lables I have).  Set your background to white and make sure you have your color set to RGB and a DPI of at least 300.

Click the “new layer” button in the layers palette.  Use the marquee tool (dashed line square box) to create a column.  Select a foreground color and then use the paint bucket tool to color your column.  Use the marquee tool to create a few more columns (I used 4 colors so I created 4 columns).

Once you’ve got your 4 columns of color in layer one, you are going to right click the layer 1 in the layers palette and select duplicate layer.  Use the “move tool” to move your layer on your image to where ever you want it.  I kept duplicating and moving until I filled the whole image with columns, it should look like this.

Next, we’re going to add a white rounded box to the center of the image.

select the “custom shape” tool from the tool bar, scroll though your presets until you see the square with the rounded edges.  Make sure you have your foreground color set to white (mine is still set to blue in the image above).  Draw your rounded square into your image, make sure you leave a good border so you can still see the stripes (leave maybe .5″).  Use the “move tool” to center your square if you need to.

Here’s where it starts to get tricky…  Once you’ve got your square right, select it from the layers palette.  Once it is highlighted select the “paths” tab.

select the vector path and then click on the little arrow things in the upper right corner, select “save path”.  You can call it whatever you want.  Go back to the layers palette and select the “layers” tab.  Create a new layer (see image one), again name the new layer whatever you want.

Make sure the new layer is highlighted in the layers palette, then select the “paths” tab again, you should see something like this.

Select the brush tool from the tool bar and then you want to click on the “brushes tab” at the top of the screen.  If yours isn’t showing select windows>brushes. Make sure you set the foreground color to whatever color you want your dots to be.

Select the “brush tip shape”,  and select the brush point of 5. Then near the bottom you’ll see a slider for spacing, bump that up to 150%, this will give you a dotted line.  Go back to the layers palette where you have the paths tab open.  Click on the “stroke layer with brush” or the outlined circle button.  This should add the dotted line around your rounded square (if you can’t see it, make sure you have layer 2 above the rounded square layer in the layers palette).

Next I created ANOTHER white rounded square, larger than the one before (see step 3), make sure that your dotted line layer is still above your new rounded square so you can see it.  It should look something like the above.

Use the text tool to create the return address.  I used the font “Pupcat” for the name and “georgia” for the address.  I played with the color of the name too, using the same colors as the columns.  Voila- you’re done!

Then follow the instructions for setting up the Avrey labels in Word and insert this image once you have everything formatted.  I did play with the margins in word a bit to get edge to edge printing.

If you post flickr/blog images of the labels your create, send me a link, I’d love to see them!!!  Feel free to email (heather at heatherhalesdesignsDOTcom) me if you have more questions about this, I never know if I give enough detail.

4 Responses to “Make Your Own Mailing Label”

  1. Christina says:

    Great tutorial! I like this idea! Also, if you want to create those perfect circles on your how-to pictures, use your marquee elpise tool and stroke you’re path (in Photoshop). There might be another way, but this is how i’ve done it for a few years. Thanks again!

  2. angela says:

    Can you just make them for me? (I love them)

  3. maxine says:

    These are wonderful heather! Just what I needed, I have holiday labels to do AND a million different wedding labels to do – invites, personalised bottle labels, addresses, thankyous!!! Good job i have lots of time to play!

  4. Nomaliza says:

    Hi, I just discovered your website, it so nicely build and multipurpose…Do you build it yourself? I want to build one myself, is there an easier way to do it? BTW, your tutorial is so easy to follow, thank you for the efforts…

    From Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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