Life Long Hobby or Passing Fancy?

I remember my mother sewing us clothes when I was a little girl, she made us adorable Little House on the Prairie dresses, easter dresses, play clothes and so on. She is an amazing seamstress, really really amazing! She was doing things in 6th grade with a sewing machine that I still can’t do. She taught me how to use a needle and thread while I was young, I remember sewing little coin purses and clothes for my barbies. However, I didn’t learn to use a sewing machine until I took a sewing class in Jr. High (a shout out to Mrs. Flalyn- who was always telling me to slow down!). I loved it, I loved the idea of being able to follow a pattern and create practical and useful items!

When I turned 15 I got my very own sewing machine and it became my mission to see how many dresses I could make for myself (I wish I had pictures). About late high school I kind of abandon sewing and didn’t really pick it back up again until I was pregnant with my first child, and even then I was a little rusty. By the time my daughter came along I was sewing up a storm and loving it. I had always loved embroidery and had learned to cross stitch as a very young girl, but was never very good at embroidery. My girl scout leader tried to teach us to embroider and was simple shocked to learn I couldn’t do it- she after all had been an admirer of my mothers fantastic embroidery skills. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I really figured it out, it was like something just clicked and my stitches came out looking like they were supposed to!

I really just love creating, I like using my hands to make something beautiful. However I worry that this will not define me- that it may become a passing fancy. My mother does not sew anymore, in fact her beloved Elna sits in my living room waiting to be taken in for repairs, she would much prefer to just buy something than to make it. My mother-in-law has shared with me that when she was younger she too was a crafter and enjoyed making things for her home. She still creates today but not with fabric, with water color. As I age will this pass? Is this something I will mention as a hobby I had in my youth? This bothers me because I have such a passion for creating, to call it a passing fancy seems to not take it serious enough. These are just some thoughts I have been having lately in regards to my efforts.  I hope to pass the sewing skills on to my children.  I want my daughter to talk about me as a seamstress in present tense, not past.

On a lighter note, one of my favorite things about reading craft blogs is to see other designers work spaces. I just love Heather Bailey’s studio, it is so cute and so practical! We recently moved our kids into the same room so that we can convert the extra bedroom into an office/studio (we are thinking of painting it in a lighter version of Silver Sage). Until then, this is where I create- a little space at the end of our bedroom.

Sewing Space

7 Responses to “Life Long Hobby or Passing Fancy?”

  1. EllieRichellie says:

    Thanks for checking out The Cabin. . .sewing is no passing fancy, and I would have rumbled with you at the rummage sale for those trims!!

  2. EMama says:

    That area looks so fresh and ready! Maybe that’s my hold up with this whole I’m-sewing-my-own-bridesmaids-dress-for-Katies-wedding thing.
    I think you’ve already established that it’s more than a passing fancy. If in later years you decide to not spend so much time with it I’m sure it will only be because there are other things you want to do more!
    I don’t even have anything. No hobbies really. Uh, I’m good at math? lame.

  3. Karin says:

    I agree with Em about it not being a passing fancy. I want a room devoted to something I want to do, I hope you post photos when you move into the office/studio.

  4. Loralee says:

    I actually worry about the same thing with blogging. I LOVE IT, and never want to get tired of it.

    I really don’t see you stopping. You are so GOOD at it.

    And if you do happen to go that path? I really think that it would be because you have found something that gives an even greater sense of fulfillment.

    I love your sewing table and area.

  5. Jessie says:

    You’re sewing area looks so crisp and neat. I’ve been meaning to give a tour of my studio… soon, I hope.
    ps: I love what you did with the little girl and her chalkboard on your sidebar (we should swap images more often!).

  6. supa says:

    holy macaroon, that is a beautiful sewing space.

  7. Ann says:

    (I’m catching up reading blogs, can you tell?)
    Don’t worry if you’re not going to do as much sewing in the future. Even if you don’t, it will be because that’s how you want it. “To everything there is a season..” and all that. Right? Obviously you’re a great seamstress!

    And I would comment about your giveaway on that post, but comments are closed. 91 comments?? Holy cow!! 🙂

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