Laughing Out Loud

Yesterday afternoon I primped and dressed my littles up for their annual holiday photo shoot.  Aaron and I were not in the photos this year which would have made things simpler except that I decided to play photographer.  Corralling my own children is always a challenge but adding a camera and an expectation to the mix is asking for trouble.  I simplified the entire endeavor by taking them to a nearby park and pretending that parked cars and light posts are the new thing in backdrops.

They didn’t do too bad and I walked away with five useable photos.  What I didn’t expect were some awesome outtakes!


This one could have been a great photo…until you look at the little one who looks like she is witnessing something very unsettling.


Or this gem, where I captured everyone with their eyes CLOSED- what are the chances of that?!

Part of me is really tempted to use the scary eye shot for our Christmas card, just because it makes me laugh!

2 Responses to “Laughing Out Loud”

  1. Janalee says:

    So funny, the captions you could do with the first one.

    IF I do cards this year, I’ll just do the kids and yes, it’s quite a job when I’m behind the camera. I never look forward to it.

  2. karin says:

    The outakes are great. I’m excited to see the card 🙂

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