Late Into The Night

Dishwasher Problems

Lately our dishwasher has been giving us no end of problems, so last night, about 9pm, with a kitchen FULL of dirty dishes we decided to work on it.  It was a team effort.  I was the brains and Aaron was the brawn!  I sat at the computer reading every possible forum post about our dishwasher calling out things like “try this, unscrew that thing in the front right…” or “unplug the line and see if it will drain now”.  Sometimes I was called in to assist with the manual labor, when four arms were needed.  I also helped line things up for a proper re-assembly (so many teeny tiny parts and screws!).

While researching and patiently waiting for Aaron to try out my dishwasher repair theories I blog hopped around the interwebs and ended up on a local Arizona blog I had never read before.  After some sleuthing I figured out where in the Valley this family lives.  The exterior pictures of her home and neighborhood were amazing- beautiful homes and landscapes (for a while I thought maybe it was Orange County)!!  Since we are thinking of moving in the near future I decided to zillow the neighborhood.  Way, way, way above my price range.

That didn’t stop me from continuing to read the blog and drool over her large kitchen, big light emitting windows and always smiling children.  Then Aaron called me in to the kitchen to help figure out how to snap the lower spinner arm back into place and as I sat on my 1970’s square tile floor, repairing a dishwasher that we bought off craiglist that doesn’t properly fit in the space (because our house is so old), I started to feel a range of emotions.  I wondered if “rich” people try to repair used dishwashers themselves; or do they just call a repair man, or even replace the unit without a second thought?  I wondered if I had a larger income would we still sit on the floor together fixing the dishwasher?

Around 2am we had the dishwasher put back together and held our breath while we ran a test cycle to see if our hard work had done any good.  Another Christmas Miracle- it did!  I showered all the slimy dishwasher mess off before hitting the bed, but not before pondering on what I learned from this experience.

I really really like feeling (and being) a partner to my husband.  I am glad I didn’t go to bed and leave him to solve the dishwasher issues alone.  This was just another example to me of how we make a great team, we each used our talents and abilities to repair the washer.  If I am completely honest with myself, I wouldn’t like living in a cookies cutter large home neighborhood for too long.  I enjoy diversity and interesting architectural aesthetics too much.  If more money would rob me of the experience of working as a team with my husband, and living in a house I couldn’t really love then I guess I can find contentment with where I am.

But….I wouldn’t mind the resources to take a yearly family vacation to HI, or stay at the Del every summer!

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