Holiday Tag-a-Long

Amy and Kristyn are hosting a Holiday Tag-a-Long this December.  They posted a pattern and tutorial for making cute holiday gift tags.

I feel like I have been running non-stop since the week before thanksgiving (you know the week we were all sick).  We’ve seen all three sets of grandparents and one great grandma all in the last two weeks.  I am very grateful to have visited with all of our family and the children were in heaven.  After my mom left yesterday though…I was tired!  I knew a crafty fix would probably boost my energy and spirits so I went to work on a few holiday tags.

I made my own pattern for this tag, it is larger than the tag provided in the Tag-a-Long pattern, approx 3″x5″.  I used this tutorial to self bind with the backing fabric.  I really like how it turned out!

I think this one might be my favorite.  I embroidered over the elements of the Christmas tree (from a x-mas print I picked up at JoAnns), stitched it to some felt and then onto the tag.  The embroidery blends so well with the print but gives it some texture.

This tag is simple and clean, I used the font “learning curves” for the text and stitched it onto the linen.  The ornaments in all the photos came from my grandmothers collection.  The box is stamped “Poland” and still has the original Skaggs Drugs price sticker of .59cents!!

The crafting was just what I needed, a day of rest and creating!  It’s nearly noon here and I am still in my pajamas, and so is the little one.  Lunch awaits with showers and trips to the dentist and school event meetings, so the relaxing morning must draw to an end.  I am so grateful for relaxing mornings every now and again!

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