Holiday Goodness

  • today I finished the last of my christmas prep.  last min gifts made and purchased, everything is now wrapped and ready!

Pale Flower Clip

  • feeling so grateful for all the gifts under our tree.  i truly feel so blessed by the kindness of our extended family.  it really gets me every year, our families spoil our kids (and us).  i feel so fortunate and grateful.

Minky Scarf

  • found The Christmas Chronicles (8 part story of how Santa came to be, fantastic tale for young and old!) through NPR and am loving them!  Perfect to listen to while you wrap gifts or bake.

Rose Clip

(felt hair clips made using this pattern and this technique)

One Response to “Holiday Goodness”

  1. raygon says:

    You get so much done…how do you do it? Love the cute little hair clip.

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