Fun With Fabric

I received an email from Claire of Handmade Parade asking about summer activities; stitching and otherwise. Handmade Parade is looking for fun things to do this summer, for kids, adults and crafters. This past Wednesday I found a fun activity that allowed me to be creative and brought enjoyment and imagination to my kids (a winning summer combination in my book).

I present you with:

Bowling At Home- Hales Style

bowling at home 2

bowling at home

I made the kids some fabric balls using Tanya’s pattern. I just rummaged through my scraps and let the kids pick what they liked.

bowling balls

For pins we lined up plastic cylinders from a marble tower game we have, but really anything lightweight would work (even empty water bottles). The kids love setting it up and “bowling”.

My son also tried to “jungle” them while I made pancakes this morning. What is summer without a few strawberries thrown in!


3 Responses to “Fun With Fabric”

  1. Andrea T. :) says:

    I just got my package … what a wonderful Friday surprise (good timing!!) … and I ADORE the apron. Seriously, love it, so fun and bright and so ME! And no worries about it being like those in my shop (which I don’t think it is) … as I have never made myself one, so this is such a treat.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you …

    Oh and as a person holding a BA in Graphic Design (I have to remind myself every now and then as I have been in “Domestic Engineer” mode for almost 5 years now!) your website is beautiful!! I’d love to know more about how you created it, etc. if you don’t mind sharing :).

    Happy day to you … you made mine!!

  2. Karin says:

    What a great idea and your pancakes look so yummy.

  3. EMama says:

    Just the other day I was telling H that he really was pretty lucky to have me & AJ as parents. I am not going to show him this blog spot because then my cover would be blown.

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