Enjoying the Holiday Season

In case you don’t know, my birthday is December 25, (yes, really). The whole Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year, one giant celebration with my birthday at the center.  I love the whole magic of the holiday- the closer it gets to December the more I feel the fabric of our communities change. There is a kindness, a gentleness (I’ve never been to black friday- maybe it is an exception) a sense of wonder that overtakes everything.  I just love that feeling. For most of my adult life I have held out on Christmas, I felt that I had to wait until Dec 1 before I decorated, baked, listened to carols etc.- everything needed to wait until that magical date on the calendar. That was just how I had always celebrated and made the season special.


Last year was a stressful time for me, I was a bit depressed about of our life situation, some family stuff and really overwhelmed with planning a huge Christmas party for my church. I needed that Christmas Cheer sooner than December 1, so I started listening to music and watching Christmas movies in November. It helped….but what really struck me is how I felt AFTER Christmas. Much has been written about “Post Holiday Let-Down“, its something I always felt and figured was just a normal thing that happened after a big celebration. After last year, I found that for me, celebrating the holiday longer (starting earlier than Dec 1), made me ready and GLAD that the holiday was over. There was no let down last year, just a pleasant acceptance of the fun we had and the desire to move forward!


With that little life lesson learned, I’m starting the Holiday’s today- Nov 1. Guilt free carols, baking, house decorating, Christmas movie watching and more! I’m not jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas, but I am lumping Thanksgiving and Christmas into “Holiday Season”. I’ll be hosting both holidays this year and am looking forward to decorating and building traditions in our new (and forever) home.


In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m going to do a “Gratitude-30” month again.  Today I am extremely grateful for a strong and healthy body, for the health of my family. It might seem silly, but I am grateful our bodies function as they should- my fingers, toes and legs work as they should. I am so thankful for health. Why don’t you join me in this month of gratitude? Comment here and tell me what you are grateful for today….

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