Easter Embroidery

Ok, here we go, how to complete a simple embroidery project!

First you need to find a pattern, pattern bee, flickr Hoop Love group, and Needlecrafter are all great places to find patterns. However, today’s pattern is a vintage Vogart provided by Jessie (thank you!). The first thing I did was download the pattern and open it up in Adobe Photoshop, I looked at the size and decided I didn’t want to change it, sometimes I shrink or enlarge patterns this way. It doesn’t matter if the pattern you print has slightly blurry lines, you are going to ink it crisp and clear.

2. Print Pattern
I use plain old white printer paper, does anyone have any other suggestions?

3. Use a Sulky Pen or a Heat Transfer Pencil (if you don’t have either- here is a great resource for other transfer methods) and trace your pattern, make sure you mark in clean crisp strokes.

4. Use your iron to stamp the pattern onto your fabric. I’m using an organic cotton flour sack towel that I grabbed at Target. The weave is very loose and I do not recommend it, Target does sell a fantastic white flour sack towel with a very tight weave!

5. Once your fabric is stamped pull out your embroidery threads and select color! I find that if I select colors ahead of time then I can make sure all the colors look good together.

I’ve chosen white for the bunny (however if you are stitching on a white fabric I would recommend a brown bunny), pink for the nose, blue for the eyes, black for the lashes (grey for the whiskers) and green for the tie.


6. Place fabric in an embroidery hoop, choose one large enough that you can stitch your whole design without having to move the hoop.


7. Whatever color of thread I will use the most is the color I start with, so I started with the white for the bunny. Embroidery floss consists of 6 tiny threads wrapped together. When I stitch designs I use 3 strands, so you’ll want to split your thread after you cut a length. When I do lettering I use 2 strands.


8. The outside of the bunny I stitched using a stem stitch, although I think a chain stitch would look nice here too. (I tried to take pictures of me doing the stitches for you, but they turned out just awful! So please follow the links to better illustrations.) Next I did the pink nose in a satin stitch , I also did the blue eyes that way too. The black lashes I did in a back stitch, I like the way it makes the lines of the eyes look crisp. The Whiskers are done in the same stem stitch as the bunny outline. For the green tie I demonstrated how the chain stitch looks, it is great for outlining things that you want to stand out a bit- think of it as the bold feature of stitching. For the dots of the tie I used french knots, this is a tricky knot. As your needle is coming up from the fabric wrap the tail of the thread around the needle 3 times and then pull the needle all the way up tightening the thread as you go. There is a great YouTube video showing how to do a french knot.



Ta Da! You are done! This little bunny took me about 45 min if you subtract all the photographing that I did! Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email (heather -at-heatherhalesdesigns-dot-com) if I lost you anywhere or you have questions about this project.


SURPRISE– One lucky reader can win this perfect easter towel! Just leave me a comment and let me know that you want him, I’ll pick a winner on Monday 3/10.


Also, Average Jane Crafter is giving away the yet-to-be-released new Sublime Stitching book of embroidery patterns, quick the contest is only open until Friday 3/7.


16 Responses to “Easter Embroidery”

  1. Bunny B says:

    Wow! That’s adorable!
    I’d like to win him, but I’m an international reader. So, if you don’t do intl shipping, I totally understand 🙂

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog – it’s so clean and cute!

  2. Monica says:

    Me, me , me !!!
    That was a great tutorial and very nice and clear pictures !
    Note: (By the way… I am very satisfied with my Sulky Transfer Pen as well)

  3. Anne Haun says:

    Oh, I do feel lucky – hope the towel will be mine!!! Thanks for the great tutorial – I needed a refresher course like that. Thanks. Anne

  4. EllieRichellie says:

    Very, very nice pictures of your step-by-step. I always enjoy seeing what you’ve got going on. If I’m lucky enough to be the winner, I will make your towel part of a gift for this year’s Easter brunch hostess. Maybe with some yummy jams. . me amo jam. . .and cute embroidery!!

  5. EMama says:

    I should put in a request with my lucky stars too (Ron Howard, Luke Wilson, and Natalie Portman).
    I would love that darling Easter towel. And you know I’ll never get around to making one myself. Since I still haven’t finished that dress and the wedding is a week from today. But I did work on it last night!

  6. Heather Grow says:

    Great tutorial. I love all the resources that you included.

  7. Shelly B. says:

    This is so cute! I just recently found your blog and I love it! Such darling stuff!

  8. Joey says:

    Have been waiting a whole day to see your finished bunny. Fabulous! You’re stuff is so nice!

  9. Sarah says:

    I would love him! He’s so ‘dorable. 🙂

  10. Marcia says:

    Oh, I love that bunny! Thanks for the tutorial and links, they will make a wonderful reference. Please, please, pick me! Ü

  11. Tracey says:

    I’d love to have that adorable bunny! And thanks for the great tutorial!

  12. michelle rosborough says:

    The towel is too cute

  13. Rebekah says:

    Heather you are so generous to show everyone how you do your transfers. We have the same method except I use tracing paper. That sulky pen is the best.

    Do not add me to the drawing I am making this bunny for myslef. I think he is so cute.


  14. Melody says:

    Oh your bunny is so cute..I think Ill use the bunny to on baby quit I started.Thank you

  15. Kathleen says:

    Hurray, I purchased my supplies last night and I’m getting ready to print my pattern. No luck finding the transfer pen, locally, so I’ll order that online. And like Melody, I’m thinking of adding this guy to a baby quilt with fun 30s and 40s repo fabrics. Thank you, thank you!

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