Doing My Best

Every year I have plans for making the holidays less stressful, and here I am, less than a week from Christmas barely sleeping because of stress. Its not any one thing, I think its just the pressure I put on myself about how things should go. Every year I get better about lowering my expectations, but I still have a way to go.

This past Saturday we hosted a birthday party for my almost seven year old, her first ever party.


It was an art themed party, and it was a lot of work. The poor girl has never had a party before- because who has time to add another party into the December mix?! I bought art canvas, baked cupcakes, made aprons from tea towels and did my best to facilitate fun.


Thankfully my kids are all on break now. I realized the other day that winter break is my favorite! Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of school without getting so bored that there is fighting (name calling yes, but no fighting yet). Seriously, knowing I don’t have to get up and do anything tomorrow (and tomorrow) is heavenly. We all lay around in our pajamas long past when we should, meals are improvised and I totally don’t care how long the kids play video games. I don’t want it to last forever, because then it would feel like summer vacation and during summer I always want to ship my kids off to somewhere else. Today, I like having them around.

We’ve got 98% of our shopping done, but we did brave World Market and Target today where the lines were 15-20min long. I have empathy for anyone who is out there doing last minute shopping, especially the tired, cranky, nap deprived children.

Last minute Christmas shopping is exhausting (or at least the long lines are)! #sisters

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I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Halloween and I’m done. I am very much looking forward to spending this weekend with family, but I’m ready for January. Ready to be done with the holidays and on with the new year. How about you…ready for January, or still scrambling to be ready for Christmas?

Where ever you are at, may your season be merry and bright (and not too cold).

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