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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Just for fun, I thought I’d do a little q&a.  A few of the questions I get asked frequently are:

1. How do you do it all with kids at home?

-well, my older son is in school and that helps a lot.  my daughter goes to preschool 5 hours a week- also helps a lot!  When she is home she is either with me in the craft room, or watching classic disney cartoons on youtube (there, I said it!  I’m not proud but it’s true- heaven help me, at least I read to her everyday!)


I also have an incredibly supportive husband who has days off in the middle of the week.

2. How did you get your items sold at Frances and The Baby Gardner?

-Frances I found while googling around for local stores that carried baby items (frances carries way more than just baby).  I took my husband and kids with me and we drove into PHX to check it out.  They all waited in the car while I went in and checked out the shop- which I loved.  Georganne (the owner) was in that day and I took a REALLY deep breath and mentioned to her that I sold baby stuff and thought that my stuff would fit in really well in her shop.  To say I was scared would be a huge understatement!  Georganne was SO kind, and I sent her an email with pictures and such.  I didn’t hear back from her for 6mo- and was discouraged- and then she sent me an email!  The rest is history.

I really think this is the best approach.  If you want to sell items search out local stores that carry similiar things.  If you are too chicken to go to the store and meet with the owner (which I almost was) you can always send a few samples in the mail with a letter.

Deanna of the Baby Gardner contacted me, she was so sweet and told me how much she liked my designs.  Together we collaberated on some items that fit her store perfectly!  Flickr, etsy and other blogs are another great way to get noticed.

welp, those are the two most frequently asked questions I get.  Is there anything you want to know?  I’ll post answers in the comments section.