Adventures in home buying…again

After three years of renting and waiting for the house/price/interest-rate stars to magically align, we finally bought a house.


Our patience paid off and we were able to buy a home in the neighborhood we’ve always wanted to be in. The house was built in 1977, and we are the SECOND owners!  The house looks exactly like it did when it was built- it has not been updated at all.  The dining room/living room walls are covered in BURLAP wall paper, the kitchen and bathrooms are all wallpapered too.  We’ve owned the house for less than a week and it already looks like a construction site.


After attempting to remove the wall paper myself (water, fabric softer, special spray and a steamer), we decided to hire someone. The wallpaper was laid directly on the dry wall, so not only did it need to be removed, it also needed texture.  I think it was the best decision we’ve made so far!


This week we will be painting and installing baseboards. Hopefully by next week we can start installing the floors.  We’re not really big DIY-ers, but we’re trying to do as much as we can ourselves to save money. Have you remodeled a house? I’d love some pointers!

In the in-between time I’m trying to get ready for Pinners Arizona– happening NEXT MONTH! I’m teaching a hand embroidery class. We’re making this darling Arizona themed sampler, you can register and use my name “heatherhales” to receive 10% off all your class/registration fees. I’m really hoping a lot of people sign up, hand embroidery is a dying art, its so easy to learn and so fun/versatile/portable that I love sharing my skills with others.

img_4807 This is my latest personal project, the pattern comes from a handlettered design created by One Artsy Mama. I’m hoping to turn it into a hot pad and gift it to a friend.

3 Responses to “Adventures in home buying…again”

  1. Kelli Dieu says:

    If you need any other type of contractors, Steve is a get person to ask. He has quite a few connections. We have used his carpet guy to lay our carpet for alot less than having the store install it. Or if you just want advice on something or to be shown how to do something don’t be afraid to ask. Steve has a lot of knowledge that he is willing to share and teach.

  2. Anita says:

    Congrats on your new house.

  3. Sister says:

    That’s a lot to juggle! Congrats on the new house! It’s going to look amazing when you’re done 🙂 So worth it!

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